• Consumables
    F.A. Dumont offers a large selection of church consumables supplies such as altar bread, altar wine, church candles, oil candles, sanctuary lights & glasses, cleaning supplies and much more!
  • Clerical Wear
    FA Dumont offers a selection of clerical wear such as clergy shirts for men, long and short sleeved shirts, deacon shirts, clergy shirts for women, long & short sleeved shirts by R.J. Toomey, shirtfront & waistcoats, clergy shirt accessories, clergy cassocks & cinctures, clergy surplices & cottas, clergy albs etc.
  • Server Wear
    FA Dumont offers a selection of Server wear such as Server Cassocks, Cottas & Surplices, Cinctures, and Altar Server Albs etc. All available in a full range of adult & children’s sizes.
  • Altar Linens
    Shop high quality, custom-made church linens for altar cloths, Mass Linens, Banners & Lectern Hangings, Parament Sets, Funeral Sets, Appliqués’ & much More. FA Dumont takes exceptional care to create altar cloths that comply with church guidelines.

This Lenten Story Chasuble. Includes a matching inner stole.

Introductory Sale Price!!

Was £135, Now Only £99 

Embroidered Chi Rho with grapes and wheat. 

Was £60, Now Only £48

Limited stock available

Pentecost & Confirmation Lapel Pins

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