Altar Bread

Altar Bread

F.A. Dumont is committed to supplying the finest altar bread. We were the originator of the "Single Cross, Sealed Edge" Altar Bread. Baked daily using only the purest wheat flour and water, strictly without additives, our breads are sealed minutes after baking to ensure the same just-baked freshness upon delivery.

Because of a special process, we can offer communion bread that is virtually crumb-free. Our single-cross bread has a carefully moulded sealed edge which prevents crumbs. Especially when supplied in our roll package, you can be assured they will arrive free of any broken breads, thus eliminating waste.

A free sample pack of altar breads is available to churches. Please contact us directly to order.


  • People's Breads
    People’s Bread is the finest Altar bread in the UK, manufactured using our special process which ensures a minimum of crumbs. Available in 1-1/8" and 1-3/8" diameters in white or whole meal, packed in boxes of 250 or 500, or in rolls of 1000 per box.
  • Gluten Free Breads
    The Gluten free single cross, sealed edge altar bread sealed minutes after baking creating a crumb-free, just-baked freshness for those suffering from gluten intolerance. Packaged in quantities of 25 complete with a re-sealable plastic container for storage, contains less then 20ppm of gluten.
  • Priest Breads
    Priest Breads - Single Cross sealed edge 2 3/4" altar bread of the finest quality. Now Available in white and wholemeal, packaged in boxes of 50.
  • Concelebration Breads
    5 3/4” whole wheat flour Concelebration Altar Bread. Sealed edge, produced using our special process which ensures a minimum of crumbs, and scored for easy breaking. Available in white and wholemeal and packed in boxes of 25.