Christus Rex Candle

Christus Rex Candle

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Christus Rex  - We worship Jesus Christ the King. Tu Rex Gloriae Christe 

So he is said to reign in the hearts of humanity, Christ as our Lord, Christ as our King.

Framed as the illuminated centrepiece of the gothic stained glass rose window. This exquisite design celebrated the Kingship of Christ as King if all humankind, King eternal King of all Kings, King of the ages, and Lord of all creation. 

Artisans delicately apply all natural, fine metal leafing to recreate the look of illuminated stained glass set in traditional gothic frames. The Christ as King design is further enunciated by presence of both the intertwined Alpha Omega and the Victorious Agnus Dei each set as bas relief window centres.

He will sit upon his Royal Throne, and all the nations will be assembled before him. (Mt 25)