Oil Candles
Oil Candles Oil Candles

Oil Candles

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Oil Candles

We are pleased to introduce our newest line of Oil Candles which are the finest we've ever seen. These candles have an ultra-smooth finish and have the appearance of a high quality beeswax candle. Not only do they have a most realistic look but they are well engineered with safety and convenience in mind. Each candle can be tayor fitted to any size candle socket by adding a candle adaptor, listed below.

- Large capacity, Aluminum Oil Reservoir

- Brass Cover Which Dissipates Excess Heat

- Oil Bottles Can Be Quickly & Easily Removed for Refilling

- Cream Coloured, Real Beeswax Look

- Long Burning Time

Receive a FREE 1 Litre bottle of Candle Oil for each candle purchased.