Advent Candles


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Advent Candles

Advent Candles are a traditional centrepiece of the Christmas season. It symbolises the passage of the four weeks of Advent in the liturgical calendar.

On the first Sunday, a purple (or blue) candle is lit to celebrate Hope, the inspiring and uplifting hope that Christ among us represents.

On the second Sunday, another purple (or blue) candle is lit. This is to celebrate Peace, both the Prince of Peace himself and the promise of peace on Earth.

The third Sunday is when a pink candle is lit to celebrate Joy, the joy the shepherds received at hearing the news of Christ’s birth. It is also to celebrate the joy that God brings into our lives.

As the coming of Christ draws near, the final purple (or blue) candle is lit on the Fourth Sunday. The Fourth candle is to celebrate Love, both God’s boundless love for us and our love for one another. The bright light from the candles is an expression of the growing anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ. He, in Christian faith is seen as the Light of the World.