Paschal Candles


Paschal Candles

We offer the finest selection of church paschal candles with many sizes and design options to fit the smallest chapel to the largest cathedral.  Our Easter candles are made with the finest ingredients and are adorned with straightforward transfer designs to the more ornate, hand-carved wax reliefs.

We also offer the Cathedral Candle Company eximious rage, unrivalled in quality. Through visions, experimentation, and five generations of family know-how. Cathedral Candle Company sets a new standard in product excellence and originality with their very special, made-to-order line of eximious Candles.

Eximious Candles start with the finest beeswax, selected for exceptional purity and carefully blended to achieve a remarkably vivid and steady-burning flame. Bringing to reality the candle designer’s vision, the artisan transforms the wax through benchworking and hand-tooling to create intricate inlays, rich onlays, and classic sculptured engraving. The result makes every eximious candle an individual work of art, bearing the unique fingerprint of the artisan who made it.

Eximious Easter Candles are a tribute to the craft and art of more than 120 years of exceptional candlemaking.