Fair Trade Hand Painted Crosses and Crucifixes


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Tree of Life Imports was founded 27 years ago during El Salvador civil war as a means to bring the art of La Palma to different regions of the world. Since then both the artisans and ushave grown together and have seen many changes. Most important is the cessation of the terrible struggle that filled the quiet nights of the village with gunfire. The final agreement which marked an endto the civil war in El Salvador was signed on 16 January 1992 in Mexico City.

Unfortunately another war threatens La Palmas families. Companies who profit from sweat shops and unfair labor practices. Your purchase of these crafts provides income for women who can work in their rural home while they care for their families. They are not forced by the need for a job to migrate to the city. Together we can provide the alternative to a transient life in a shanty town in order to sew shirts in a factory.