Battery Operated Vigil Candles


Safe Flameless hand-held Vigil candle for Churches, Organizations, Charities and Schools.

Each candle comes with 2 AAA batteries. Just slide the switch on the bottom to turn on and off. Hold a safe & child friendly candlelight service.

100% self-contained, SafeFlame Candles are not affected by wind and rain because the batteries are sealed inside. Use indoors, outdoors or when fire bans are in place.

Brightness: With improved AAA batteries & our new 5mm super bright LED’s, SafeFlame Candles will provide enough light to read Carols by Candlelight song books.

Duration: SafeFlame Candles are powered by AAA batteries and will last for up to 50 hrs or longer, making them an ideal take home product well after your carols event.

Clean Up: SafeFlame Candles can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors. Unlike conventional wax candles, our candles will not drip wax onto floors, rugs or skin.

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