Spirit of Jerusalem Paschal Candle


Spirit of Jerusalem 51% Beeswax Paschal Candle

Jerusalem – The City of Peace of shared derivation from both Greek and Hebrew.

The Jerusalem Cross- for centuries admired for its simplicity and symmetry. The four surrounding smaller crosses represent the four Gospels as proclaimed to the four corners of the earth, the large centre cross symbolising the person of Christ. Together as one, representing the Spirit of Jerusalem – The City of Peace. Rendered in the deep green highlighted with bright copper/bronze leafing and bordered by two rough hewn copper/bronze bands inscribed with the Alpha Omega and Chi-Rho

The Jerusalem Cross was first used as a coat of arms for the Latin Kingdom in the Jerusalem. During the Crusades, it was referred to as the “Crusaders Cross”. The four small crosses are symbolic of the four corners of the earth, beginning in Jerusalem; the large cross symbolises the person of Christ.

The Kingdom of Jerusalem was established in 1098, when the members of the First Crusade captured Jerusalem and elected Godfrey of Boulogne, duke of Lower-Lorraine, as king of Jerusalem. The city was taken back by the Muslims in 1291.

The Epistle to the Hebrews point out that Salem, the name of the Melchizedek’s city, means ‘peace’ (Gen. 14:18; Heb. 7:2).


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