The 7-Day Journey to Christmas


This is a fun new way to use your new or existing Nativity Set figures and involve children and the whole family to bring the Christmas story to life. Each day for 7 days, show a scene depicting the real story of Christmas. The set includes a display depicting a backlighted silhouette of the Holy Family (with long lasting LED lights designed to be left on the entire week before Christmas) and numbered holders for the seven cards used to tell each day’s part of the Christmas story.  The 7 brightly coloured cards have photos on the back showing how to set up that day’s scene. That day’s verse is displayed on the front. The large platform sits in front of the lighted background and is used to set up that day’s scene. Beneath the platform is a large drawer that can be used to hold the traveling Holy Family (Mary, Joseph and Donkey) pieces which are included!  tallest figure is 7″ high.  Other figures can be purchased separately or use your own existing figures.

The lighted background measures 10½ by 13¾ x 15/8 inches and the lights are operated by AA
batteries (not included). The platform measures 8 x 8¼ x 3¼ inches.



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Weight 1 kg


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