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Prinknash Incense

Prinknash Incense

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Basilica is made to one of the Prinknash monks' oldest secret recipes and includes the finest quality frankincense - as well as two other incenses - combined with the purest natural oils.


Priory is an incense that has been produced to enable customers to experience the scent of pure frankincense without the addition of natural oils.


Cathedral, Abbey & Sanctuary Incense - Based on recipes developed by the monks, these three blends of pure frankincense and natural oils each have their own distinctive fragrant aroma. Decades of care in the blending of these incenses have ensured their excellence.


Gums of Arabia incense consists of natural and coloured grains (black and red) of frankincense with a little added balance of styrax.


St Michael incense consists of natural and coloured grains of frankincense with a little added balance of myrrh.


Each pack contains 500g of incense.

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