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St. Joseph Sitting with Child DS340/81

St. Joseph Sitting with Child DS340/81

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Celebrate the bond of love and protection with our captivating St. Joseph sitting with child statue, a poignant portrayal of paternal care and devotion. Available in two sizes, the 120cm statue crafted in durable fibreglass and the larger 175cm statue expertly carved in linden wood, each exudes timeless elegance and grace. With a variety of finishes to choose from, ranging from traditional colours to the ethereal beauty of white marble, you can personalise your statue to reflect your unique style and reverence. Starting at £2929, invite the tender presence of St. Joseph and the child into your sacred space, and cherish the enduring message of love and guidance they represent.


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Additional Information

Located in the village of Ortisei, in the foothills of the Italian Alps, the Demetz family has for generations supplied the finest carvings and castings to churches worldwide. In addition to ‘bespoke’ items, Demetz produce a standard range of carvings and castings, many of which are are shown here on our website.  If there is something that you do not see, please feel free to call or write us with your requirements.

Each Demetz Art Studio creation work is a unique piece of art.  They give you the opportunity to choose from 5 different media: wood, bronze, fibreglass, marble and mosaic.  They are proud to be the only manufacturer offering this choice. Whatever your requirements are: statues for indoor or outdoor use, sanctuary appointments, full round figures or reliefs, they can supply the right material for your artwork and environment.Devotion, tradition and craftsmanship - the Demetz family produces some of the most beautiful ecclesiastical artwork displayed throughout the world!“Qui si fa quell che si sae sis a quell che si fa”“Here we do what we know and we know what we do.”

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At the core of our service lies customer care. We take immense pride in our exceptional customer skills and always go above and beyond to guarantee your complete satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us if you can not find what you’re looking for


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