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Washable Fitted Altar Cloth - Design BVSL1000 Available In 6 Liturgical Colours

Washable Fitted Altar Cloth - Design BVSL1000 Available In 6 Liturgical Colours

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Contemporary and traditional designs available on a 50% rayon/50% polyester base fabric in a choice of six colours. Designed for excellent wear with trouble-free laundering. Swiss Schiffli embroidery is generously applied to the front-drop using metallic and rayon yarns in pastel shades.


PLEASE NOTE: Maximum depth of the altar (measurement A) cannot exceed 48”
Maximum measurements of A + B + E cannot exceed 58”


Additional Cost: For fitted backdrop (measurement E) and/or if side drops (measurement D) exceeds 16".


Measurements required In Inches (see illustration):
A: Altar depth; B: Drop at front; C: Table width; D: Drop at sides, E: Back Drop


Receive a 10% discount when ordering two or more fitted cloths. A 30 day quotation will be sent to you shortly for you to confirm you wish to proceed with an order.

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